Welcome to iflow psychology. Life at times can be challenging, even overwhelming. It is important at these times that we connect with others for support. Sometimes though, our friends and family are not able to provide the level of support we need or do not have the skills to help us. At these times, it is good to seek professional help from a psychologist trained to assist people resolve difficulties. Psychologists are bound by ethical standards and maintain confidentiality. At iflow psychology we do not just help people solve and resolve problems. We assist individuals, couples and workplaces evolve by developing better insight, strategies and techniques to optimise their quality of life, relationships and engagement in activities and work.

We are here to help. Contact me to discuss whether our services are suitable for your needs.

Dean Harrison

Principal Counselling Psychologist/Director

Our counselling services offer:

  • Psychologists with advanced training & experience,

  • Respect,

  • Empathy,

  • Genuineness (congruence),

  • Non-judgmental support (unconditional Positive Regard),

  • Professionalism,

  • Evidence-based therapy,

  • Confidentiality &

  • Trust & safety.




48 Norton St



Monday - Saturday

(By appointment only)

If you are driving, free two hour parking is available in the car park below the Norton Plaza Shopping center. Alternatively, we are walking distance from Parramatta Road.


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Clinic Room 1
Clinic Room 1

Clinic Room 1
Clinic Room 1

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