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How to Manage COVID

FACE COVID: How to respond effectively to the Corona virus

‘FACE COVID’ is a set of practical steps for responding effectively to the Corona crisis, using the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).


iflow psychology provides advanced psychological counselling for individuals and couples experiencing workplace, relationship and life stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and burnout. 

What is Anxiety?
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HUMAN REACTIONS TO CHANGE: Every Challenge is an Opportunity!

Despite our assumption, change is inevitable. In fact, change is the only constant in life. Sometimes, however, change is so great and unexpected that it totally challenges or even shatters our comfortable view of the world.

This article explores how humans react to change including trauma, death and loss.

This information is particularly relevant given the unprecedented global impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Effective Leadership


Learn to be an effective leader, boost employee engagement and gain positive business outcomes.

Learn how to be an effective leader.
How to cope with loss, grief and bereavement


Whether your loved one has died or missing, iflow psychology can assist by providing advanced psychological counselling to assist you 


Relationship counselling is not just about resolving issues but evolving and optimising the relationship by learning how to communicate more effectively and rekindle the relationship or move forward if separating.

Improving relationships
Need help with parenting?


Parenting can be challenging. Information here provides tips on disciplining children, aggression, bullying and helping them building resilience through conflict resolution skills.

PSYCHOPATHS: Camouflaged Charming Cheaters

Psychopaths are often highly engaging, witty, charming, and fun to be around, but they are also deceitful and exploit others. They lack empathy, have no regard for the rights of others and act to serve their own purposes. Psychopaths work through manipulating others. Rarely do they act directly. They maintain a clean image. Manipulating others comes naturally to psychopaths for whom it is like a game. Psychopaths believe they are superior to others. They perceive others are only present to serve their needs. Their charm and manipulation optimises their ability to achieve their objectives so they are likely to be fast tracked through organisations.

Parental Alienation is not in the child's interest.

Separation and Children - Avoiding Parental Alienation

Prevention is the best cure for avoiding parental alienation (PA). Parents should approach their separation with a child-centered approach to parenting to prevent PA before it begins. A loving relationship with both parents and a strong parent/child bond are critical elements to avoiding the negative consequences of separation on children.


Stress is often described as a feeling of being overloaded, wound-up, tight, tense and worried. We all experience stress at times. Stress can help to motivate us to get a task finished or perform well. If we become too stressed or experience stress for too long it can be harmful. Stress becomes problematic when it impacts negatively on our well-being or ability to function.

Feeling stress?