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Looking for 'psychologists near me'?

Located in the heart of Sydney NSW, our psychology services offer:

  • Face to face consultations,

  • Telehealth psychology, &

  • Telehealth counselling services.

Psychological Services near me

Our psychology services can assist you if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Teenage psychologist near me

  • Adolescent psychologist near me

  • Adult psychologist near me

  • Couples counselling near me

  • Relationship psychologist near me

  • Marriage counselling near me

  • Family psychologist near me​

Counselling services near me

​Some of the issues our psychologists can assist you with:

  • Anxiety psychologist near me

  • Depression

  • Trauma psychologist near me

  • Autism psychologist near me

  • ADHD psychologist near me

  • Relationships

Further information on our services is available here.

Find psychologists near me

If you are looking for a psychologist by their gender you can use the following links to explore our psychologist profiles:

  • Male psychologist near me

  • Female psychologist near me

If your looking for a 'psychologist near me', or 'psychologists near me', we are located in the heart of Sydney. Parking is readily available and up to two hours free parking is available across the road in Norton Plaza car park.


We are located in a great place to have a coffee or something to eat, before or after, your appointment. You can even do your shopping after the appointment. Our location is convenient to local amenities to make your life easier. 

Alternatively, you can access our services through telehealth or telephone. As long as you can ensure privacy at your end, we can deliver a psychology or counselling service to you.

Telehealth Psychology

Want to find a psychologist near me?


iflow psychology also provides psychology services via telehealth (video counselling) and telephone counselling services.


We use COVIU (not Zoom or other generic platforms), a secure system developed by CSIRO to ensure your online privacy.

Can't find a Psychologist near me? Want to access online counselling? Just book online or call 02 6061 1144.

Norton Plaza Parking

Driving? Up to two hours free parking is available. Parking is located across the road, under Norton Plaza Shops.


Alternatively, we are walking distance from Parramatta Road where you can catch a public bus.

Psychology Clinic
Near Me

You will find the iflow psychology clinic located in the heart of Leichhardt, in the Inner West of Sydney. Our clinic is a beautifully renovated heritage terrace house.


Free parking is available in Norton Plaza Parking, across the road underneath Norton Street Shops.


Your Wellbeing

We believe your comfort is important for your wellbeing. Our psychology clinic and counselling rooms are private, modern and newly furnished with leather lounges.


We also use secure online telehealth psychology services to ensure your privacy is protected. 


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