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How to Deal with a Bully

How to Stop a Bully: by Brooks Gribbs.

Bullying is a form of dominance behaviour. It involves a person trying to establish power over another. It is an imbalance of power. When we feed a bullies needs it just empowers them more and disempowers us. 

When dealing with bullies we have to establish resilience and mental toughness. When you fail to let the bully impact on you, you take away the bullies power.

Bullying is having your feelings hurt, it does not involve physical violence. If violence is involved it is assault, a crime, and not to be tolerated. 

If you are being bullied reach our for help!

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude: The Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg.

Open up your heart and feel grateful for this day, the beauty of this planet, the people we meet.


How? By focusing on the positive aspects rather than the negative. By appreciating others and their uniqueness rather than focusing on judging them. This is the way to open our hearts and show humanity and respect to people of different beliefs, capabilities, colors, ethnicities, and religions that all share earth with us. The more we the see the person, the more we appreciate and connect with them. 

This video holds a fundamental element to improve mental health and cultivate contentment, if not joy, in everyday life.

Dreams and Goals

DUMB Goals by Brendon Burchard.

DUMB Goals. According to Brendon, these are goals that are:

  • Dream-Driven

  • Uplifitng

  • Method-Friendly

  • Behavior-Driven

SMART Goals Meaning


Most people make the mistake of setting their goals so hard they are likely to fail. Failure then breads lack of motivation. Set your goals so they are easily achievable and build on success!

When establishing a new goal, consider using SMART goals.

By using the acronym S.M.A.R.T. you provide structure to help ensure that a goal is:

  • Specific,

  • Measurable,

  • Achievable,

  • Relevant, and

  • Time bound.

The SMART method is a well-known approach that helps to increase your chances of success.

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