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Self Help and Mental Health Assessment Tools

Welcome to iflow Psychology's Quality of Life Measures


Welcome to iflow Psychology, your resource hub for mental well-being.


We provide a select collection of self-help resources, empowering individuals to navigate their mental health journey.


Explore our range of reliable mental health assessment tools to gain insights into your well-being and inform potential treatment paths.


Additionally, discover our qualitative quality-of-life measure tailored to understand and enhance your life goals, plans and future mental health experiences.


Embrace your mental wellness journey with iflow Psychology!

HoN Ax Tool

Hierarchy of Needs Review

Your FREE self-audit tool.

The iflow Psychology Hierarchy of Needs review tool is a transformative self-assessment tool designed to prompt individuals to evaluate and rank the significance of various life domains, coupled with their satisfaction levels within each.


Rooted in Maslow's hierarchy of needs and complemented by a user-friendly quality of life assessment, this tool facilitates a holistic audit of one's life.


By encouraging users to reflect on the importance and contentment in different areas of their lives, it serves as a foundation for introspection on personal achievements, setting future goals, and devising strategies to address unmet needs.


Developed by iflow Psychology, this tool amalgamates fundamental psychological principles with a straightforward yet potent approach to empower individuals in their pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling life.

You can always bring your completed tool to review with your psychologist who can assist you in exploring your unmet needs and setting goals to optimise your mental health, wellbeing and life journey.

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