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Transform Your Life with Psychology Services at
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Find Psychologist Near You? In-Person or Telehealth

We understand that when you want to find a psychologist, knowing who you will be seeing is important. After all, the client-therapist relationship has been found to be the most important predictor of successful outcomes in therapy.


When you use iflow psychological services, you know you are seeing an AHPRA-registered psychologist. We also provide our psychologist qualifications and clinical experience.

Distance is not a barrier! If you are unable to attend our clinic then we can provide telehealth services so no matter where you are we are the psychologist near you!



Counselling Psychologist & Clinic Director

Meet Dean Harrison, a compassionate male Counselling Psychologist in Sydney with over 30 years of experience.


Dean's expertise extends to workplace counselling, WorkCover cases, anxiety management, trauma recovery, family counselling after separation, insomnia, youth counselling, grief counseling, parenting support and acquired brain injury support.


Reach out to Dean for expert guidance in optimising your mental health and life.



(English & Spanish Speaking)

Meet Alicia McIntyre, a bilingual psychologist (English and Spanish) with over 24 years of experience.


Alicia offers compassionate therapy for individuals and couples. Her expertise includes stress management, couples counseling, trauma recovery, and more.


Book an appointment with Alicia at iflow Psychology for tailored, culturally sensitive support.



(English & Chinese speaking - Cantonese)

Meet Candy Mok, a bilingual psychologist (English and Cantonese) with 15+ years of experience.


Candy is committed to improving mental well-being through evidence-based practices, Candy offers a safe, culturally sensitive space for therapy.


Book an appointment with Candy at iflow Psychology for personalised support and growth.

Experienced psychologists Sydney

Book a Psychologist Appointment with iflow Psychology

Looking to book a psychology appointment with iflow Psychology? At iflow Psychology, we strive to provide a seamless booking experience to ensure you receive the support you need when you need it. Choose the method that suits you best and take the first step towards your well-being.


If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis then refer to our crisis page by clicking here.​



Provisional Psychologist
(English & Portuguese speaking)

Gus is a Provisional Psychologist with special interests in older adults, dementia, body image, self-confidence and relationships.


Telehealth Psychology

Looking for telehealth psychology? 


Want to Join Our Team?

If you are a registered psychologist and would like to join our team we are interested in hearing from you.

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