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Confidential, culturally sensitive, advanced face-to-face, video and telephone psychological therapy for individuals (children, adolescents and adults), couples and families. Improve:

  • Self-esteem and confidence,

  • Resolution of conflict and bullying,

  • Behavioral issues and anger outbursts,

  • Stress, anger, anxiety and depression,

  • Personal, educational and workplace issues,

  • Relationships, parenting, separation and isolation,

  • Sleep difficulties,

  • Substance use, addiction and eating disorders,

  • Trauma, loss, bereavement and grief,

  • Sexual health and identity,

  • Personal growth, and leadership skills, and

  • Adjustment to injury, pain management and rehabilitation.

Children and adults are empowered to pursue growth according to their individual needs, promoting: self-awareness, self-understanding, a broadening of perspective, the acquisition of new skills, engagement in new activities, and optimisation of: inherent capabilities, potential and life satisfaction.

Free Tip Sheets for Mental Health and Relationships.
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Psychology Intern Supervision for  AHPRA

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