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Want Information about Psychologist Fees?

Psychologist fees?


​Each year, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) sets recommended fees for psychologists. At iflow psychology, we have set lower psychologists fees than the APS recommended psychologist schedule of fees. This is so we can offer affordable psychology services. 

iflow psychology's fees are fairly standard. Most psychologist's fees remain above the Medicare rebate for psychologists. This is because we are registered psychologists, providing individual and quality services. Clients who invest in their psychological health are motivated to achieve their goals and achieve better outcomes.

Our fees ensure we maintain sustainable professional psychology services. Our psychology services aim to address issues in an efficient manner so clients are not locked into long term therapy.

Cost of psychologist?


Want to know the 'cost of psychologist'? Individual psychology sessions cost $220 and marriage and relationship counselling costs $240 per therapy session. Our fees are reviewed annually. If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate you will receive approximately $87 back on each session. This means you are paying $133 per session for individual therapy.

Due to the demand on our services, bookings for a psychology appointment require payment details to be provided at the time of booking. 

Claiming your Medicare Rebate for Psychologist? We make it easy!


Most people are eligible for a Medicare rebate for psychologists. To claim a Medicare Rebate for psychologist, follow these steps:


  1. Obtain a referral and a mental health plan from your doctor, psychiatrist or pediatrician to iflow psychology.

  2. Send a copy of the referral and mental health plan to our administrative staff or give it to your psychologist.

  3. Our friendly administration team will enter the details into your medical file.

  4. Our administration team will then ensure your rebate is processed after each psychology session.


Payments from Medicare are set up so that Medicare rebates flow into the bank account after each session. The rebate will be credited to the bank account you have nominated through your MyGov account. 

If you are not eligible for Medicare you can attend our psychology clinic as a private patient. You can also attend as a private patient if you do not wish to claim a Psychology Medicare Rebate.

Do you need a referral to see a psychologist? 


No, unless you wish to claim a Medicare Rebate for psychology.

Third party funders?

Some clients might be eligible for funding through a third party like:

  • Workcover NSW,

  • NDIS psychology funding,

  • Employment Assistance Program (EAP),

  • Health Insurance funds,

  • Motor Accident Claims (MAA),

  • iCare NSW,

  • Primary Health Care referral, or

  • Other schemes and programs.


Contact us to see if you are eligible for new programs and schemes.

Is there a cancellation fee?


We ask you to provide 48 hours notice of any cancellation or variation in appointment time. This is so we can offer your appointment to another client. If 48 hours notice is not provide then a cancellation fee of fifty percent of the session fee will apply. 

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

Medicare Psychologist
NDIS Psychologist
Workcover psychologist
SIRA Psychologist
icare psychologist



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